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Teachers can’t explain everything all the time to a student since class room generally consists of 25-40 students. Moreover, each lesson in school only takes approximately 2 hours. There won’t be much time. As a result, students have to share teachers’ attention one another. There are times students facing their anxiety in understanding lessons and they need more help and explanation.

You work 9-5 almost everyday and still have to deal with bunch of works once you’re arrived at home. At the same time, you want to learn foreign language as a part of your personal development. Unfortunately, you don’t want to spend your time to go places and sit in the class with other people. These two examples are often experienced by many students and employees in Bandung.

Established since 2000, Bandung Tutors have successfully helped students to achieve their goal in learning process, to access quality tutors who serve them the best learning method. Run under Chemie Amalia foundation, Bandung Tutors and Jakarta Tutors have proven their integrity to contribute to education in Jabodetabek and Bandung for the past 17 years. We provide tutors for different kind of age, children or adults, students or employees who need private tutor to help them learning something.

images-3With us, it is undoubtedly for you to easily find and contact private tutors to learn many lessons, for instance Mandarin, Mathematics, IGCSE, AS and A Level, IB diploma, etc. Our tutors are the experts in their field, who can assist you to understand lesson theoretically and practically, and also be confident in learning. To experience our service, you can simply choose the package that we offer for every lesson that you might be interested to learn.

You can check profile of the tutors, their background, experience, and personal details are listed in our website. No more time to be wasted and your children will be prioritized!